Library resources

The Centre for UK Biodiversity has access to resources in the Natural History Museum's Library. The zoology, botany, entomology and earth sciences library collections are housed separately at the Museum in South Kensington, with an ornithology library collection elsewhere. Visitors to the centre are welcome to visit the library collections at the South Kensington site.

More about the Library

Books on UK biodiversity

Want to know more about British bees? The specimen collections in the Centre for UK Biodiversity and the library's books will help you discover more.

Library staff can help you get the latest research on the current decline of British bees, find a beautiful illustration of bees, or discover some of the earliest examples of bees fossilised in amber.

The library has a huge variety of resources to help with all your UK natural history queries, and it is free and open to everyone for research purposes.

World's largest natural history book collection

The Museum's library house the largest collection of British natural history books in the world.

The oldest book in the collection dates from 1469, and new items are being added every day, along with current journal publications and the latest electronic resources.

  • A notebook and sketches by a 19th century naturalist
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    Find out more about the Library collections and resources, from the drawings and notebooks of early collectors to the most up-to-date reference works about British wildlife.