Identification enquiries

Whether you find a strange creature in your bath, a new plant in your garden, an unusual object on the beach, a fascinating fossil or beautiful mineral, our dedicated staff will help identify it for you. We run an Identification and Advisory Service through the Centre. We are open for drop in enquiries Monday to Friday, and the first Saturday and Sunday of the month (the second after bank holidays).

The Centre for UK Biodiversity only handles identification enquiries.  If you have an enquiry about the Museum's collections, or a commercial enquiry, please visit the science consulting pages.

  • Rose chafer beetle, Cetonia aurata
    Identification enquiries

    If you've found an animal, plant, fossil or mineral that you can't identify then send your enquiry to our experts using this form.

  • British bluebell, Hyacinthoides non-scripta
    Identification guides and keys

    How do you tell a hairy-footed flower bee from a red-tailed bumblebee, or a chestnut worm from a compost worm?  Find out in the Museum's identification guides.

  • Clouded yellow butterfly
    Bug forum

    Ask questions and share identification tips about all types of British bugs, from bees to beetles and wasps to woodlice.  Museum insect-experts are on hand to answer your questions.

  • The Angela Marmont centre
    About the Centre for UK Biodiversity

    Find out how to visit the Angela Marmont Centre for UK Biodiversity and what facilities you can find there.

Cartoon image of footprints disappearing through closing door

The Museum's smallest members of staff are our flesh-eating beetles, Dermestes maculates, who strip carcasses to the bone.