The Portrayal of Natural History Art of the Americas

This selection of images from the Library art collections at the Natural History Museum highlights a beautiful and varied range of artwork from the Americas. To find out more about these drawings and their artists select an image below.


Elephant beetle by Abbot Nelumbo lutea by Bartram Nature print by Colden Smilax Rotundisfolia by Eaton

Elephant beetle
John Abbot


Nelumbo lutea
William Bartram


Nature print of leaf
Jane Colden


Smilax Rotundisfolia
Mary Eaton

North American larch by Ehret   White-throated sparrow by Medlycott   Bromelia antiacantha by Mee   Larvae of the Saturniid moth by Miles-Moss

North American larch
George Ehret


White-throated sparrow
William Medlycott


Bromelia antiacantha
Margaret Mee


Larvae of the Saturniid moth
Arthur Miles-Moss

Venus flytrap by Miller   Common fleabane by Olson   Stigmaphyllon ciliatum by Parkinson   Atlantic flying gurnard by Raper

Venus flytrap
John Miller


Common fleabane
George Olson


Stigmaphyllon ciliatum
Sydney Parkinson


Atlantic flying gurnard
George Raper

Pachira aquatica by Schomburgk   Venus flytrap by Young        

Pachira aquatica
Robert Schomburgk


Venus flytrap
William Young