Natural Wonders - Images from the Indian subcontinent

This theme presents a selection of watercolour drawings from the South Asian collections held in the Library at the Natural History Museum. To find out more about these collections and to view additional drawings click on the images below.

Mango - Artist unknown Paradise flycatcher by Tickell Tawny Fish Owl - Artist unknown Sprekelia - artist unknown

Fleming Collection

Paradise flycatcher
Tickell Collection

Tawny Fish Owl
Hodgson Collection

Saharanpur Garden Collection

Fishing cat - artist unknown   Hoepoe - Artist unknown   Tawny Rajah by De Alwis   Lychees - Artist unknown

Fishing cat
Hardwicke Collection

Bentinck Collection


Tawny Rajah
De Alwis Collection


Miscellaneous Indian Drawings Collection

Aubergine by Tonge   Peacock by Loten    

Tonge Collection

Loten Collection