Spectral tarsier

Life in the dark

Creatures that come out at night or live in other dark places, such as caves, often have amazingly sharp senses of hearing and smell. This makes it easier for them to find their way and their prey in the dark, even if they can’t see at all. Some animals have excellent night vision, thanks to their enormous eyes. In the middle of the night, they can see perfectly.

  • Aye aye
    Aye aye

    You wouldn’t want to meet an aye aye on a dark night, especially if you’re a fat, wriggly, delicious larva.

  • Spectral tarsier
    Spectral tarsier

    With its huge eyes, the spectral tarsier looks cute. But it’s a deadly bug hunter thanks to its keen night vision.

  • Olm

    Dive into the mysterious world of the olm. This eyeless creature lives in total darkness, swimming in deep, watery caves.