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The government say it is important that people can enjoy websites like this even if they can't see well, read well or use a mouse. This is called making the site accessible.

This website was planned and built by Show Me and the Natural History Museum before this policy and it may not be accessible for screenreader users.

At Show Me we have decided now to make some museum web games that are accessible, if we can. We are now developing games that use new ideas to make them easy to use and see. Please come back to Show Me and play the games. We’ll make a fuss about these on the Show Me homepage when they are finished.

Technical Information

This mini-website has designed to work best with Internet Explorer 5.5 and above. Problems have been discovered with Netscape 4.7 browsers. If you have difficulties using any other browsers, please let us know:

Show Me is designed in HTML 4.1 transitional. It uses CSS1 style sheets to control the format and appearance of fonts. The main site should be level A compliant to the WAI accessibility guidelines.