We may think of volcanic eruptions as deadly events, but volcanoes have played a major role in shaping the Earth and the life that lives on it. Volcanoes are not all the same. Try creating the different types and find out about the elements that shape them.

  • Volcanoes
    Build a volcano

    Decide whether your lava is runny or sticky and how much water vapour is in your volcano and...

  • Lava

    Find out about the different kinds of lava and how they affect volcanic eruptions.

  • Volcanic gases

    Peer into the dark clouds of toxic gasses that rise thousands of metres above a volcanic eruption.

  • Volcanic explosion

    You might not think it, but lava contains water vapour. What happens when there’s lots of it?

Did you know?

The type of lava inside a volcano determines its shape and whether or not it explodes violently.