Back to the Past
by Enrico Bonino

<Chengjiang Formation image>  

"Chengjiang Formation"

The Chengjiang Formation is world-renown as being the earliest window into the Cambrian explosion. Like the Burgess Shale lagerstätten, the soft-bodied animals of the Chengjiang are preserved in fine mudstones, revealing a great diversity of the earliest arthropods.

This illustration shows some of the extraordinary creatures as Haikouella (upper left), swimming Isoxys arthropod (lower right), Eoredlichia trilobite (center), Naraoia hunting a worm (left) and a big  Anomalocaris appearing in the upper left side of the scene. Rich fauna of sponges, brachiopods, worms populate the bottom of the sea.

Media: Adobe Photoshop.

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