Class 17: Three Asplenium scolopendrium:
back - 'ramo-cristatum group' middle left - 'ramo-marginatum group' front right - 'Kayes lacerated'

Class 11 three Polypodiums:
back - P. x 'Bifido cristatum'
middle left - P. scouleri
front right - P. cambricum 'Cambricum'

Class 15: Crytogramma crispa

Class 16: Davallia canariensis
a greenhouse fern as a component of class 8

Class 12: Polystichum setiferum
'Congestum cristatum'

Southport Flower Show 2009

BPS at the Show, 20-23 August


The BPS has had a presence at Southport Flower Show for many years, initially organised by Matt Busby and more recently by Michael Hayward.
Fern growers Fibrex Nurseries and Mary Green, who won a Large Gold medal, had a nice display of ferns on their stand.
Southport is one of the few shows that has competitive classes for ferns.


There are 10 classes in all attracting two trophies: The BPS Trophy for the winner of Class 8 Individual Championship was won this year by member Brian Russ and The Happiland Trophy for the greatest number of 1st prizes in Classes 9-17 was won by member Yvonne Golding.


Southport is a great show and one of the few that has amateur competitive classes for ferns. It is easy to enter costing only £7 for 10 entries (2009). There are financial prizes and each entrant gets a free ticket to the show. I would like to encourage more BPS members to enter their ferns enabling a wider display for those visiting the show and you never know you might win!

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Class 8 Individual Championship. Four hardy British Ferns (dissimilar), two Greenhouse Ferns (dissimilar) and two Foreign Ferns Hardy in Great Britain: 1st B. Russ, 2nd R. Sykes 3rd Y. Golding (4 entries)
Class 9 Three Hardy British Ferns (distinct species, not varieties): 1st Y. Golding (2 entries)
Class 10 One Foreign Fern Hardy in Great Britain: 1st R. Sykes, 2nd Y. Golding, 3rd B. Russ (6 entries)
Class 11 Three Polypodiums (3 distinct varieties):1st Y. Golding (1 entry)
Class 12 Three Polystichums (3 distinct varieties):1st R. Sykes, 2nd Y. Golding (2 entries)
Class 13 Three Athyriums (3 distinct varieties):1st Y. Golding (1 entry)
Class 14 Three Aspleniums excluding A. scolopendrium (3 distinct varieties or species): 1st Y. Golding (1 entry)
Class 15 One British Fern (any genus or variety):1st Y. Golding, 2nd O. Fairclough (4 entries)
Class 16 One Greenhouse Fern:1st P. Stewart, 2nd H. J. Abbott, 3rd Y. Golding (7 entries)
Class 17 Three Asplenium scolopendrium (3 distinct varieties): 1st Y. Golding, 2nd B. Russ (2 entries)

Report and photographs by Yvonne Golding.


Southport Flower Show
has a reputation as one of the largest, most diverse and friendliest shows in the country. Whether you are a gifted amateur, professional or just starting out, there is something of interest for everyone.
It provides a horticultural hotbed of activity for the beautiful seaside resort and held in 34 acres of beautiful Victoria Park is transformed into a haven for those wanting a memorable day out. (from their web site)



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