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Changes to listed pteridophytes

Dryopteris cristata
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Dryopteris cristata and Polystichum lonchitis have been added to the new UK List of Priority Species and Habitats following the recent UK BAP Species and Habitat Review. Trichomanes speciosum and Athyrium flexile have been removed. Lycopodiella inundata, Pilularia globulifera and Woodsia ilvensis are all retained. Both Dryopteris cristata and Polystichum lonchitis have both suffered significant recent declines with Dryopteris cristata considered critically threatened. Trichomanes speciosum is considered 'recovered' and Athyrium flexile has been removed for 'taxonomic reasons'.

The Governments of all four UK administrations have now adopted the recommendations of the experts and published the UK list of priority species and habitats. This list, said to be the result of the most comprehensive analysis ever undertaken in the UK, contains 1149 species and 65 habitats that have been listed as priorities for conservation action under the UK Biodiversity Action Plan (UK BAP).

We hope to have a fuller report on the background to the changes shortly.


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