Zhi-Qiang Zhang: 2006 Publications
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Hong, X.-Y., Wang, D.-S. & Zhang, Z.-Q. 2006. Distribution and damage of recent invasive eriophoid mites (Acari: Eriophyoidea) in mainland China. International Journal of Acarology, 32: 227240. Abstract

Zhang, Z.-Q. 2006. Tardigrada nova: a bibliographic analysis and catalogue of new species described in Zootaxa before 2006. Zootaxa 1369: 5768. PDF

Zhang, Z.-Q. (2006) The making of a mega-journal in taxonomy. Zootaxa 1385: 67-68. PDF

Zhang, Z. Q. 2006. The first five years of Zootaxa. Zootaxa 1111: 68.

Other Papers (1)

Lin, J.-Z. & Zhang, Z.-Q. 2006.  Key to females of Tarsonemus of China and description of a new species intercepted in New Zealand. Systematic & Applied Acarology 11: 181193. Abstract

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