Zhi-Qiang Zhang: 2004 Publications
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Book (1)

Fan,  Q.-H. & Zhang,  Z.-Q. 2004.  Revision of Rhizoglyphus Claparède (Acari: Acaridae) of Australasia and Oceania. Systematic & Applied Acarology Society, London. 374 pp.  PDF

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Fan,  Q.-H. & Zhang,  Z.-Q.  2004. Revision of raphignathoid mites (Acari: Prostigmata) in the collection of H. Habeeb. Zootaxa 763: 1-28. PDF preview

Other Papers (6)

Zhang,  Z.-Q.  & Fan,  Q.-H. 2004.  Redescription of Dolichotetranychus ancistrus Baker & Pritchard (Acari: Tenuipalpidae) from New Zealand. Systematic & Applied Acarology 9: 111–131.  Abstract

Zhang, Y.X., Lin, J.Z., Ji, J., Saito, Y. & Zhang, Z.-Q. 2004. Studies on the potential of Typhlodromus bambusae (natural) and Amblyseius cucumeris (introduced) (Acari : Phytoseiidae) as a biocontrol agent against pest mites of moso bamboo. Scientia Silvae Sinicae 40(5): 132–137. in Chinese with English abstract

Zhang, Y.X., Zhang, Z.-Q., Saito, Yutaka, L iu, Q.Y. & Ji, J. 2004. On the causes of mite pest outbreaks in mono- and poly-cultured moso bamboo forests. Chinese Journal of Applied Ecology 15(7): 1161–1165. [in Chinese with English abstract].

Zhang, Z.-Q. 2004. Book review: G.J. DE MORAES, J.A. MCMURTRY, H.A. DENMARK & C.B. CAMPOS (2004) A revised catalog of the mite family Phytoseiidae. Acarology Bulletin 9: 18–20.

Zhang, Z.-Q. 2004. Of mites and quarantine: a story of two crops. Te Taiao 3: 12–13.

Zhang, Z.-Q. 2004. Postscript. Systematic & Applied Acarology 9: 200.

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