Zhi-Qiang Zhang: 1994 Publications
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Chen, P.-R., Z.-Q. Zhang, K. Wang, X.-Y. Wang, W.-L. Xu & Z.-L. Gao. 1994. Allothrombium pulvinum Ewing (Acari, Trombidiidae), an important early-season natural enemy of Aphis gossypii Glover (Hom., Aphididae) in cotton. Journal of Applied Entomology 117: 113121.

Croft, B. A. & Z.-Q. Zhang. 1994. Walking, feeding, and intraspecific interaction of larvae of Metaseiulus occidentalis, Typhlodromus pyri, Neoseiulus fallacis and Amblyseius andersoni held with and without eggs of Tetranychus urticae. Experimental & Applied Acarology 18: 567580.

Zhang, Z. Q. 1994. Neothrombiidae (Acari: Trombidioidea) of the world: Systematic review with a phylogenetic analysis and descriptions of two new genera. Oriental Insects 28: 205237.

Zhang, Z.-Q. & B. A. Croft. 1994. A comparative life history study of immature Amblyseius fallacis, Amblyseius andersoni, Typhlodromus occidentalis and Typhlodromus pyri (Acari: Phytoseiidae) with a review of larval feeding patterns in the family. Experimental & Applied Acarology 18: 635 657.

Zhang, Z.-Q. & F. Faraji. 1994. Notes on Allothrombium pulvinum Ewing (Acari: Trombidiidae) new to the fauna of Iran. Acarologia 35: 357360.

Zhang, Z.-Q. & P. B. McEvoy. 1994. Attraction of Longitarsus jacobaeae males to cues associated with conspecific females (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae). Environmental Entomology 23: 732-737.  Abstract

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