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Systematic & Applied Acarology (2010) 15, 263264.

Identity and distribution of Sonchus leaf-curling mite (Acari: Eriophyidae) in New Zealand


New Zealand Arthropod Collection, Landcare Research, Private Bag 92170, Auckland, New Zealand

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Lamb (1960) in his summary of galls known in New Zealand lists a leaf edge roll on Sonchus oleraceus L. (Asteraceae) that was found in February 1951 at Mangere and Mount Albert in Auckland. The mite species associated with those damage symptoms was not identified, nor described in subsequent papers on New Zealand Eriophyoidea (Manson 1984a,b; Xue & Zhang 2008), though a European species, Aceria sonchi (Nalepa, 1902) (Acari: Eriophyidae), that causes leaf galls, was known (Knihinicki et al. 2009). This recent paper (Knihinicki et al. 2009) describes a new species of eriophyoid mite that induces leaf edge curling and rolling in Sonchus species in Australia. Knihinicki et al. (2009) also postulated that the New Zealand mite on Sonchus might be the same species as the newly described species from Australia based on the damage symptoms recorded by Lamb (1960).


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Accepted by O. Seeman 26 Nov. 2010; published 10 Dec. 2010

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