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Systematic & Applied Acarology (2007) 12, 237-243

Oppiid mites (Acari: Oribatida: Oppiidae) from Mazandaran province (Northern Iran), with a description of Medioppia bipectinata sp. n.

Department of Plant Protection, College of Agriculture, Shiraz University, Shiraz, Iran. E-mail:
2Departamento de Zoología, Facultad de Biología, Universidad Complutense, Ciudad Universitaria, 28040 Madrid, Spain. E-mail:


This study deals with the members of oppiid mites (Acari: Oribatida: Oppiidae) from Mazandaran province, Northern Iran. Also, a new species, Medioppia bipectinata sp. n., is described. The new species is characterized by long and bipectinate sensillus; long interlamellar setae; presence of interbothridial tubercles in prodorsum and well developed seta c2.

Key words: Acari, Oribatida, Oppiidae, new species, Iran


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