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Systematic & Applied Acarology (2007) 12, 213-221

The water mite (Acari: Hydrachnidia) fauna of running waters of Guilan Province (Northern Iran)

Department of Biology, University of Montenegro, Cetinjski put b.b., 81000 Podgorica, Serbia and Montenegro. E-mail: pesicv@cg.yu
2 2Department of Entomology, College of Agriculture, Islamic Azad University, Arak, Iran
3Department of Plant Protection, College of Agriculture, University of Tehran, Karaj, Iran. E-mail:


An updated list of the water mites of running waters of Guilan Province (Northern Iran) is given, and now includes 21 species. One of them, Atractides caspicus, is described as new; Eylais degenerata Koenike, Aturus intermedius (Protz) and Arrenurus walkanoffi K.Viets, are new for the Iranian fauna.

Keywords: aquatic mites, new species, Guilan Province, Iran


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