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Systematic & Applied Acarology (2007) 12, 195-198

Predation of Bdellodes japonicus (Ehara) on four species of spider mites (Acari, Bdellidae & Tetranychidae)

Institute of Plant Protection, Fujian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Fuzhou, 350013, China
1Corresponding author


The predatory mite Bdellodes japonicus (Ehara) (Bdellidae) preyed on Tetranychus urticae Koch, Tetranychus truncatus Ehara, Amphitetranychus viennenis (Zacher) and Oligonychus biharensis (Hirst) (all Tetranychidae) in the laboratory. The number of spider mites consumed by Bdellodes japonicus decreased in the order of: Oligonychus biharensis > Amphitetranychus viennenis > Tetranychus urticae > Tetranychus truncatus at 251C. Functional responses of Bdellodes japonicus (Ehara) to adult females of Tetranychus urticae approximated the Holling type II response. The model equations of the functional responses were Na=0.7720N0/ (1+0.0366N0) at 251C and Na= 1.1243N0/(1+0.0807N0) at 301C.

Key words: Bdellodes japonicus (Ehara), spider mite, predator-prey interaction, predation


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