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Systematic & Applied Acarology (2007) 12, 153-160

The morphology of the larvae of Arrenurus globator (O. F. Müll.) and A. tubulator (O. F. Müll.) (Acari: Arrenuridae)


Department of Invertebrate Zoology & Limnology, University of Szczecin, 71-415 Szczecin, Wąska 13.



Arrenurus globator and A. tubulator are closely related species. Some authors consider A. tubulator to be a synonym of A. globator, but others regard both species as separate. The present paper describes the larvae of the two species. They differ in distances Mp1–Mp2 and C1–C2. But the differences are barely detectable and renders differentiation of the two species impossible.

Key words: Hydrachnidia, water mites, Megaluracarus, taxonomy


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