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Systematic & Applied Acarology (2002) 7, 23-30

House dust mites from urban and rural houses on the lowland Pacific slopes of Panama


Laboratorio de Artrópodos Venenosos, Museo de Invertebrados G. B. Fairchild, Universidad de Panamá, Estafeta Universi-taria,

Panamá, Panamá;


The present paper reports the first survey of house dust mites of Panama. Samples of house dust from bedroom

floors of 20 houses located in urban and rural areas of La Chorrera, Panama, were examined for the presence of

mites. Mites were present in all samples. A total of 9150 mites were isolated and identified as belonging to 21

families, 24 genera and 29 species. We found an average mite density of 1.23 mites/mg dust. Blomia tropicalis

(Echimyopodidae) occurred in all the samples examined. All the astigmatid mites we found in urban house dust

have been recognized previously as sources of allergens that cause respiratory diseases, but only 71.4 percent

of those found in rural areas are known to be allergenic. We present the first record of Glycycometus

malaysiensis (Fain & Nadchatram) (Aeroglyphidae) new combination (transferred from Austroglycyphagus)

in Panama and the Neotropical region.

Key words: House dust mites, Panama Pacific lowland, Blomia tropicalis


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