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  1. Revision of Rhizoglyphus Claparède (Acari: Acaridae) of Australasia and Oceania
    Q.-H. Fan &
    Zhang, Z.-Q., 2004
    Systematic and Applied Acarology Society, London, 374 pp. 
    ISBN 0-9534144-4-2  Hardcover USD 80 (SAAS member price USD 48.00) OUT OF PRINT
  2. Tarsonemidae of the World: Key to Genera, Geographical Distribution, Systematic Catalogue & Annotated Bibliograhy
    Lin, J.-Z. &  Z.-Q. Zhang, 2002
    Systematic & Applied Acarology Society, London, 440 pp. 
    ISBN 0-9534144-3-4 Hardcover USD 90 (SAAS member price USD 54.00)
  3. Biology and Control of Bamboo Mites in Fujian (Systematic and Applied Acarology Special Publications 4)
    Zhang, Yanxuan &  Zhang, Z.-Q. 2000
    Systematic and Applied Acarology Society, London. 160 pp. 
    ISBN 0-9534144-2-6  Hardback USD60 (SAAS member price USD 36.00) 
  4. Tarsonemidae of China (Acari: Prostigmata): an Annotated and Illustrated Catalogue and Bibliography (Systematic & Applied Acarology Special Publications 3). 
    Lin, J.-Z. & Zhang, Z.-Q.1999.
    Systematic and Applied Acarology Society
    , London. 120 pp. 
    ISBN 0-9534144-1-8 Paperback USD36 (SAAS member price USD 21.60) 
  5. Predatory Mites: Their biology and Roles in Biological Control. 
    Xin, J.-L., Lu, J.-Q. & Zhang, Z.-Q.1998. 
    Systematic and Applied Acarology Society
    , London. 187 pp.[in Chinese with English summary]. 
    ISBN 0-9534144-0-X  Paperback USD30 (SAAS member price USD 18) 

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