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From: 	"Kris Jans" <>
To:	<>
Date: 	4/9/03 3:25AM
Subject: 	Information on Amblyseius potentillae


Does anyone have some information on Amblyseius potentillae. Illustrated
keys, biology or other usefull information.

Thank you very much.

Kris Jans

Braamstraat 16

B 3740 Eigenbilzen

From: 	Chris Benedict <>
To:	<>
Date: 	4/9/03 2:50AM
Subject: 	Tydeids

To all:

   Does anyone have any knowledge of Tydeids on Apples?  Bayan, A. (1986) 
wrote a paper about this topic, but the study took place in Lebanon.  He 
noted that Orthotydeus californicus (Banks) and O. caudatus  were present 
on apple leaves in this local.  Additionally, Orthotydeus lambi  has been 
found in Northeastern US on grape leaves by English-Loeb (1998).  What I am 
hoping for is something I can use for visual confirmation, i.e. digital 
picture, slide etc(I will purchase if need be), of Tydeids.  Can anyone help?

Chris A. Benedict
Graduate Student
105 Carrigan Drive
Hills Building
Department of Plant and Soil Science
University of Vermont
Burlington, VT 05405-0082
phone: 802-656-2924
fax: 802-656-4656

From: 	<>
To:	<>
Date: 	4/2/03 4:26PM
Subject: 	New Book published

Dear acarologists,

A new book was recently published and the details are as below:

Lin, J.-Z. &  Z.-Q. Zhang, 2002.
Tarsonemidae of the World: Key to Genera, Geographical Distribution, Systematic Catalogue & Annotated Bibliograhy. 
Systematic & Applied Acarology Society, London, 440 pp.
ISBN 0-9534144-3-4
Hardcover USD 90 (SAAS member price USD 54.00)

A table of contents is available from:

The price for the book is USD 90 but discount price for SAAS member is USD 54.00. Postage is 5 USD for surface mail and 15 USD for airmail. The book can be purchased by making a check (including personal check) payable to SAAS and sending to me at the address at the end of this message. Upon receiving your payment, I then arrange the book to be delivered to you from China (similar to current arrangement for Systematic and Applied Acarology).

If you are not a SAAS member now, you can apply for it when you send the payment. Basic membership is free. You only need to complete an application form available at

 Thank you for your attention.

Dr Ting-Kui QIN
Plant Biosecurity
Biosecurity Australia, AFFA
GPO Box 858
Canberra, ACT 2601
Phone: 02 6272 3719 Fax: 02 6272 3307
AFFA Website:

From: Kimiko Okabe <>

To: <>

Date: 4/1/03 10:05PM

Subject: publications on Ereynetidae


Dear colleagues,

I am looking for publications on mites, which may kill snails as a result of

parasitism. What I collected from juvenile Mandarina sp. (probably aureola) and

Ogasawarana sp. look ereynetids but it is difficult to get to their species names for



I would appreciate your any published information including keys of Ereyntidae, and

any mites kill and parasitize snails.


Thank you in advance for your help.

Kimiko Okabe



Kimiko Okabe, PhD

Forestry & Forest Products Research Institute

P.O.Box 16, Norin Kenkyu-danchi, Ibaraki

305-8687, JAPAN

Phone +81-298-73-3211 ex.416

Fax +81-298-74-3720




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