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From: 	Heather Proctor <>
To:	<>
Date: 	7/28/02 10:43AM
Subject: 	current ordering information for "Feather Mites of the World"

Dear All:

I would very much appreciate being informed of the current ordering
information for "Feather Mites of the World" by Gaud & Atyeo.  I am not
sure if the communication from Tom Atyeo in 1997 (see below) still holds.

Best wishes,

From:  "Warren T. Atyeo" <> 
Date:  5/16/97 8:57am 
Subject:  ordering 
I have just received the correct information for ordering:  Gaud & Atyeo.
1966.  Feather mites of the World.  Ann. Mus. roy. Afr. cent.,  Sci. zool.,
277: 1-193 (Part I), 1-436 (Part II). 

The person in charge of orders: 

P. Veeckmans-Smets 
Service des Annales 
Musee royal de l'Afrique centrale 
B-3080 Tervuren, Belgium 

FAX: 32-2-767-0242 

The price of the publication is 1,900 Belgium Francs, but shipping  costs
are variable - depending on country and mode of mailing.  Upon  request,
the charges, method of payment, proforma invoice, etc. will be sent to you. 

Advance payment is required. 

W. T. Atyeo 

Dr. Heather Proctor
Department of Biological Sciences
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta

Z-806 Biological Sciences Bldg.
phone: (780) 492-5704
fax: (780) 492-9234

From: 	"Barry M. OConnor" <>
To:	"Carlos H.W. Flechtmann" <>, Jean-Bernard Huchet <>
Date: 	7/27/02 2:24AM
Subject: 	Re: Acaridae request

At 8:54 AM -0300 7/26/02, Carlos H.W. Flechtmann wrote:
>Dear Dr. Huchet
>>	According to Hughes' The Mites fo Stored Food and Houses,>
>		Acaridae Ewing and Nesbitt, 1942>

One should note that there are a number of errors in nomenclature in the
book by Hughes.  Also, the family and generic classifications of some
groups of Astigmata have changed notably since the publication of this
work. - Barry

So many mites, so little time!
Barry M. OConnor
Professor & Curator             phone: (734) 763-4354
Museum of Zoology               FAX: (734) 763-4080
University of Michigan          e-mail:
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1079  USA


From: 	"Carlos H.W. Flechtmann" <>
To:	Jean-Bernard Huchet <>
Date: 	7/27/02 12:14AM
Subject: 	Re: Acaridae request

Dear Dr. Huchet

	According to Hughes' The Mites fo Stored Food and Houses,

		Acaridae Ewing and Nesbitt, 1942

As I cannot find the reference to this work, I would greatly appreciate if
you share this information if you receive it.

				Heartiest thanks

						Carlos Flechtmann
						Universidade de Sao Paulo

On Thu, 25 Jul 2002, Jean-Bernard Huchet wrote:

> Dear All,
> I am looking for the author & date concerning the Acaridae family.
> Is Acaridae Ewing & Nesbitt, 1954 correct ?
> Thank you very much in advance
> Best whishes,
> Jean-Bernard
> Jean-Bernard Huchet
> 7,rue des Capérans
> 33 000 Bordeaux
> France
> e-mail




From: 	Zhi-Qiang Zhang <>
To:	<>
Date: 	7/26/02 1:50PM
Subject: 	lactic acid substitution

Can someone help and advise? Please reply directly to "Dr. HERU KRISTIJANTO" <>

To: <>
Date:  7/26/02 1:41PM
Subject:  lactic acid substitution

Dear Doctor,

I have interest in acarology.  I just want to know, whether we can change lactic acid to other acids (for example: acetic acid and howmany %) for house dust mite examination procedure (for floating and separating the house dust mites from other components of house dust). 
My second question is, how can we differentiate this mites from other components of dust using naked eyes or using  magnifying glass?
Your informations are very worthy for me and I hope for these.
Thank you very much.

Susy Heru Kristianto
Faculty of Medicine
Maranatha Christian University
Bandung- Indonesia

From: 	"Jean-Bernard Huchet" <>
Date: 	7/26/02 10:07AM
Subject: 	Acaridae request

Dear All, 

I am looking for the author & date concerning the Acaridae family.

Is Acaridae Ewing & Nesbitt, 1954 correct ?

Thank you very much in advance

Best whishes,


Jean-Bernard Huchet
7,rue des Capérans
33 000 Bordeaux


From: 	Recep AY <>
To:	<>
Date: 	7/24/02 7:13PM
Subject: 	new project

I am working on resistance and resisitance mechanism to 
pesticide on spider mites. I find patners to prepare 
new project for European Commission > Research from 
Europea. Does anybody interest? İf any body interest, 
contact me. All can fınd informations following pages;
Thanks for your interest

Dr. Recep Ay
Universite of Süleyman Demirel
Agriculture Faculty
Plant Protection Department

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From: 	"Martin Hoyle" <>
To:	<>
Date: 	7/24/02 3:19AM
Subject: 	Mite imaging software

Hello All,

I'm looking at ways of counting large numbers of mites (and collembola)
by using computer imaging technology. Does anyone have any experience
with this?
I get about 300 mites per sample after Tullgren funnel extraction. It
is very tedious to count each mite individually, so I'm looking at ways
of using imaging techniques. So far, I have the problem of resolving
individual mites when they cross over one another.

Thanks for your attention,
Martin Hoyle.

Martin Hoyle,
School of Life and Environmental Sciences,
University of Nottingham,
University Park,
NG7 2RD,

From: 	"Zhi-Qiang Zhang" <>
To:	<>
Date: 	7/16/02 3:10PM
Subject: 	Syst. Appl. Acarol. Vol. 7 (2002)

Dear fellow acarologists:

I am pleased to announce that volume 7 (July 2002) of Systematic & Applied Acarology ISSN 1362-1971 was published.  This volume includes 23 papers  from authors in Argentina, Australia, Austria, Cameroon, Canada, China, Iran, New Zealand, Nigeria, Panama, Poland, South Africa, Thailand, UK, Uruguay, and USA. 

Abstracts of all papers are free online at:


Zhi-Qiang Zhang
Syst. Appl. Acarol.

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From: 	Gene Hall <>
To:	Mark Judson <>, <>
Date: 	7/13/02 9:00AM
Subject: 	Re: AF Millidge

Thank you, Mark. The matter is not identification, but one of a name change 
for a genus of spider Millidge described in 1991. The name he used, 
Malkinella, was already preoccupied by a genus of featherwing beetle (a 
group I work on) from Africa, described in 1960. I need to find a spider 
worker to change the name of the spider genus Malkinella to something else 
in order to clean up the mess. Millidge would have been the logical choice 
to change the name, but now it will have to be done by somebody else. I'm a 
beetle worker but would be happy to coauthor the paper with a spider worker 
if needed. I know a few arachnid specialists and will contact them, too.


>Dear Dr Hall
>Dr Millidge is no longer active in arachnology (he is 88). If you need an
>identification or information, I suggest you write to Dr Gustavo Hormiga
>Yours sincerely,
>Mark Judson

Gene Hall
Collections Manager
Invertebrate Zoology & Paleontology
CU Museum of Natural History
UCB 265
University of Colorado
Boulder, CO 80309-0265
PH: 303-735-5262  FAX: 303-735-2274

From: 	Gene Hall <>
To:	<>
Date: 	7/13/02 7:20AM
Subject: 	AF Millidge

         I need to contact the spider worker A. F. Millidge. Does anybody 
have information regarding his current location?


Gene Hall
Collections Manager
Invertebrate Zoology & Paleontology
CU Museum of Natural History
UCB 265
University of Colorado
Boulder, CO 80309-0265
PH: 303-735-5262  FAX: 303-735-2274

From: 	"Clive Bowman" <>
To:	<>
Date: 	7/16/02 6:46AM
Subject: 	Disposal of reprint collection

I am thinking disposing of my reprint collection some of which is original papers some of which are photocopies. I do not want any money for them, but I would like them to go to a safe recipient. I will ship to anywhere reasonable.
Any takers?
Clive Bowman
Pluribus Ltd, 11 Fielding Road, Maidenhead, Berks, SL6 5DE, United Kingdom
tel: +44-(0)1628-632321 fax: +44-(0)870-557753 email:
Der Welten Kleines auch ist wunderbar und gross, Und aus dem Kleinen bauen sich die Welten

From: 	<>
To:	<>
Date: 	7/12/02 11:19AM
Subject: 	ICA Important Informattion

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Dear Acarogists:

In order for you to have your acceptance letter on time we are sending it 
by email. Unfortunately for some of you we don´t have  any e.mail address 
or is incorrect. We are asking to the community some support to contact the 
following people by e-mail. Otherwise we will send the letter by regular 
mail to the people in the list.
Thanks in advance for your support

D047 Fawzy, M.M.H.
D056 Afzall, Muhammad
D058 Dhooria, M.S.
D059 Ganiev, I.M.
D062 Kumar, Satish
D064 Rasmy, Aly. H.
D074 Yastrebov, Vladimir K.
D099 Kropczynska, Danuta Tomczyk, Anna
D100 Tomczyc, Anna Kropczynska, Danuta
D107 Yakimenko, V.
D113 Dilbaryan, K.
D116 Melamud, Vladimir
D125 Shatrov, Andrew B
D128 Ebrahimi, M. V.
D133 Ashfaql, Muhammad
D146 Skorupski, Maciej
D166 Jin, Daochao Wu, Min
D167 Ho, Chyi-Chen
D181 Akef, Majid
D182 Shi, Aoxiang
D193 Kumar, Ram
D198 Kumar, Neelima
D216 Mahajan, Sapna
D217 Thakur, Meena
D234 Mortazavi Ardestani, Masood

To all members that have not send yet their payments
please do it. this in order to be registered officially.

Payment options:
Registrations cannot be processed until full payment is received Please
transfer(direct deposits or ban drafts) the total amount to:
Account number: 586870
Branch: Mexico, D.F. 001 - Perisur 057
Please include the following code:
Swift number:

If you have problems to do your payments please contact us

All participants that have not chosen yet Hotel you can use the
information of the web, it is suggested that you pay one night. We highly
recommend to register in the Fiesta Americana hotel congress site.

On the other hand, we request to some information as your flight schedule 
i. e.
date, flight number and time of arrival to Merida. We have arranged with
TCI/TEICO/EPIC staff to Collect Congress Delegates on their arrival to
Merida International Airport on September 7th and 8th , and usher them to
shuttle buses and drive them to key points/ Congress Hotels in Merida.

We request to all acarologists who are from: INDIA, EGYPT, RUSSIA,
CHINA the following:
"To get in order all your Mexican Visa procedures, we require a copy of
your current Passport. Please send it by fax (FAX: (52)(55)56224828 or as
file attachment").
We will appreciate your immediate sending.
Also if you know somebody who may not receive this message please let them 
know, in order contact to all interested people about this important visa 
requirement. Any support will be highly appreciated to make all the 
arrangements for everybody.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question.

Dr. Juan B. Morales-Malacara
XI ICA Secretary.
Laboratorio de Acarologia, Fac. Ciencias, UNAM
Coyoacan 04510, Distrito Federal, Mexico.
FAX: (52)(55)5622-4828

Dra Edith Estrada-Venegas
Laboratorio de Entomología Forestal/Fauna del Suelo
Instituto de Fitosanidad
Colegio de Postgraduados
Montecillo, Edo. de Mexico 56230
Phone (5) 804-5996

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