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From:  Decio Luiz Gazzoni <>
To: Recipient list suppressed
Date:  3 August 2000 2:13am
Subject:  XXI ICE - Poster presentation schedule

Dear Entomologist

Please visit to see the schedule
for poster presentation during the XXI ICE.

If you have further questions pls call


Decio Luiz Gazzoni
President, XXI ICE

From:  <Rieteau@PLANT2.AGRIC.ZA>
To: Lincoln.smtp("")
Date:  4 August 2000 9:03pm
Subject:  Reprint

I am in need of a copy of the following article: "Vercammen-
Grandjean, P.H. 1957. Une technique pour l'obtention des nymphs
de Trombiculidae a partir des larves gorges." In:
<italic>Ann.Parasit.hum.comp.</italic>, 32: 450-451. Other articles dealing with
the same subject will also be welcomed.

 Thanking you in anticipation.

 Kind regards

 Eddie Ueckermann

 ARC-Plant Protection Research Institute

 Private Bag X134


 0001 South Africa

 Fax: +27-12-329 3278

From:  Heinrich Schatz <>
To: Lincoln.smtp("")
Date:  15 August 2000 1:23am
Subject:  Search for literature

Dear all,

I am working on a revision of the oribatid genus Eremaeozetes. Recently
I found in the  Zoological Record that an Eremaeozetes species has been
described from Himalaya:
Eremaeozetes himalayensis Sanyal, 1992, p. 277, figs.
in Sanyal, A.K.(1992): Oribatid mites (Acari). -
In A.K.Ghosh (ed.). Fauna of West Bengal. Part 3 (Arachnida and Acari).
Zoological Survey of India, Calcutta.

I was not able to get a copy of this description. Can someone help me.
Thank you very much in advance.

Heinz Schatz


Dr. Heinrich Schatz
Institute of Zoology and Limnology
Technikerstr. 25
A-6020 Innsbruck, Austria

Tel.: +43 512 507-6164
Fax:  +43 512 507-2930

From:  Jeff May <>
To: "Zhi-Qiang Zhang (Zhi-Qiang Zhang)" <ZhangZ@landca...
Date:  14 August 2000 10:34am
Subject:  Need help with mite SEM procedure

List members:

    Sorry to be a bother with such a trivial question but this is not my
field.  I have tried and failed to get decent scanning electron
micrographs of house dust mites.  What is proper sample preparation
procedure to avoid dessication.


Jeff May
"My House is Killing Me" Johns Hopkins University Press (2001)

CC: Lincoln.smtp("")

From:  Zhi-Qiang Zhang Zhi-Qiang Zhang <>
To: Lincoln.smtp("")
Date:  29 August 2000 10:14am
Subject:  fwd: food spectrum of Hemileus

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Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2000 09:22:10 +0100

Dear Collegues,

We have made a small experiment with Hemileus initialis to see the
food preference of this mite for different fungi species. I would be
grateful for any papers related to food spectrum of Hemileus

Best wishes

Gabor Bakonyi

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From:  Ali Reza Saboori <>
To: Lincoln.smtp("")
Date:  30 August 2000 5:28pm
Subject:  papers request

     Dear Colleagues

      I am in need of a copy of the articles on the following species:

1. Mesoplophora michaeliana
2. Parhypochthonius aphidinus
3. Hydrozetes lemnae
4. Eremulus avinifer
5. Berlesezetes aegypticus

      Thank you in advance for your kind considerations.

Best regards

Sincerely yours

Alireza Saboori, Ph.D.
Department of Plant Protection
College of Agriculture
Tehran University

From:  Dave Walter <>
To: Lincoln.smtp("")
Date:  31 August 2000 10:54am
Subject:  Mites in the Rainforest Poster

Hi All,

In cooperation with the Australian Biological Resources Study, Heather
Proctor and I have produced a poster on some of Australia's diverse
rainforest acarofauna.  It's called, somewhat unimaginitively, "Mites in
the Rainforest", and is available from:

The Community Information Unit of Environment Australia at:


Dave Walter

Dr David Evans Walter
Department of Zoology & ENTOMOLOGY
Hartley-Teakle Building
The University of Queensland
St Lucia, QLD 4072 Australia

phone: 07-3365-1564
fax: (61) 7-3365-1922

Visit the Mite Image Gallery at:
Acarina Collection:

Australian Entomological Society

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