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Date: Thu, 02 Nov 95 16:32:56 EST E
ncoding: 25 Text
Subject: Wine, women and vineyard mite control
Sender: owner-acarology
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Dear acarologists, NSW Agriculture has produced a video entitled 'Wine, women and vineyard mite control with Doreen and Victoria' which deals with the biological control of mites in Australian vineyards using native phytoseiids, primarily Doreen's predatory mite and the Victorian predatory mite. These two heroines (and others) are expected to remove miticides from wine production saving the industry millions of dollars. Primarily aimed at grapegrowers, the video will also appeal to teachers and the general public. Acarologists can use it as propaganda to demonstrate the economic and social benefits of studying mites! For your copy of this video (including free bonus stickers) contact the Publication Sales Unit, NSW Agriculture, Locked Bag 21, Orange, NSW 2800 Australia. Cost is about A$25 (including postage). Copies can also be provided in the US video format (MTSC) at a slightly higher cost. David G. James Senior Research SCientist Yanco Agricultural Institute, PMB, Yanco, NSW 2703, Australia Tel: 069 530338 Fax: 069 530268 E-Mail:

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