International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature

Help using the online Code


In the frameset version, the panel to the left displays the contents of the code. The plus-sign icon-icons may be clicked to expand individual chapters, displaying a list of articles and sections (note that only titled sections or subsections are displayed). Links clicked in the contents frame will be displayed in the main frame to the right.

While browsing articles, it is possible to navigate through the Code using the next/previous article arrows to the top right and bottom of each article.

Frames and bookmarks

The online code may be accessed with or without frames. The frameset version will be more convenient for most users, but cannot be bookmarked properly from the main browser menubar. To bookmark articles in the frameset version please right-click on the actual article document and select the bookmark or favourites option from the popup menu. When returning to the bookmarked page, if JavaScript is available the page will load itself into the frameset.

The no frames version of the Code may be accessed from the link top right of the frameset version page, and may be bookmarked in the usual way.


The Glossary may be accessed via the menu, in which case it will be displayed in the left-hand frame. Alternatively, it may be viewed in the main frame by following its link from the contents page.

Typographic notes

A non-serif type-face has been used to facilitate readability on-screen.

In general, the layout of the published version has been followed as closely as possible. Where changes have been made it is with the intention of improving readability on-screen (for example, paragraphs are more widely spaced and text is not justified).