International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature

Article 49. Use of species-group names wrongly applied through misidentification. A previously established specific or subspecific name wrongly applied to denote a species-group taxon because of misidentification cannot be used as an available name for that taxon (even if the taxon and the taxon to which the specific or subspecific name correctly applies are in, or are later assigned to, different genera), except when a previous misidentification is deliberately employed in fixing the type species of a new nominal genus or subgenus [Arts. 11.10, 67.13].

Example. C.L. Koch (1847) recorded under the name Polydesmus scaber Perty a myriapod species different from that actually so named by Perty in 1833. Except as provided in Article 11.10, the species-group name scaber cannot be employed to denote Koch's previously undescribed species (even though he placed it in his new genus Platyrhacus without fixing it as the type species). For an example of a previous misidentification deliberately employed when fixing a type species of a new nominal genus, see Example to Article 11.10.