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Explanatory Note on the Code

Preface to the Fourth Edition

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Chapter 1: Zoological nomenclature

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Chapter 2: The number of words in the scientific names of animals

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Chapter 3: Criteria of publication

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Chapter 4: Criteria of availability

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Chapter 5: Date of publication

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Chapter 6: Validity of names and nomenclatural acts

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Chapter 7: Formation and treatment of names

Chapter 8: Family-group nominal taxa and their names


Article 35. The family group



35.1. Definition



35.2. Provisions applicable to all family-group nominal taxa and their names



35.3. Application of family-group names



35.4. Formation and treatment of family-group names



35.5. Precedence for names in use at higher rank


Article 36. Principle of coordination



36.1. Statement of the Principle of Coordination applied to family-group names



36.2. Type genus


Article 37. Nominotypical taxa



37.1. Definition



37.2. Effect of change of name on nominotypical taxa


Article 38. Homonymy between family-group names


Article 39. Invalidity due to homonymy or suppression of the name of the type genus


Article 40. Synonymy of the type genus



40.1. Validity of family-group names not affected



40.2. Names replaced before 1961


Article 41. Misidentified type genera and overlooked type fixations

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Chapter 9: Genus-group nominal taxa and their names

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Chapter 10: Species-group nominal taxa and their names

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Chapter 11: Authorship

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Chapter 12: Homonymy

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Chapter 13: The type concept in nomenclature

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Chapter 14: Types in the family group

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Chapter 15: Types in the genus group

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Chapter 16: Types in the species group

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Chapter 17: The International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature

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Chapter 18: Regulations governing this code




Appendix A: Code of Ethics

Appendix B: General Recommendations

Constitution of the ICZN