BPS Subscription Rates

How to Join

BPS Subscription Rates  are due on 1 January each year.
  • Full Personal Members £25, 
  • Personal Members not receiving the Fern Gazette £21,
  • Student Members £12.50, 
  • Subscribing Institutions £42. 

Family membership (spouse/partner; do not receive separate mailings) in any category is an additional £2.50.

Journals can be sent by airmail to overseas members, provided they advise the Membership Secretary and pay an additional subscription to cover airmail postage. Airmail postage for all journals is an extra £10, or for those not receiving the Fern Gazette £5.

Applications for membership, on the application form, available here, as a pdf file should be sent to the Membership Secretary from whom further details can be obtained.

Standing Order forms are available here, as a pdf file.

Cheques should be made payable to ‘The British Pteridological Society’ and sent to the Membership Secretary, Dr Alison J. Evans, Springfield House, Salterforth Road, Earby, Lancs. BB18 6NE.

Credit card payments can only be made through PayPal, for which you will need an e-mail address, or you can pay via a PayPal account; a small charge of 5% of the total must be made to cover costs to the Society.

Other convenient methods of payment for overseas members are an International Girobank Order in Sterling, or directly through bank accounts using either BIC – NWBKGB2L or IBAN – GB06 NWBK 538116 82258813.

If you are a member of the American Fern Society you can pay your BPS subscription through them by credit card. Contact Blanca León, bleon.afs20@gmail.com for details.

Data Protection Act 1998. For the purposes of exemption of the Society from registration, prospective members please note that all membership & subscription details are held on computer file. Members may, on request, see a copy of their own entry. A full membership list and updates are published regularly in the Society’s Bulletin.

Information supplied by: BPS Membership Secretary.


Gift Aid

Using Gift Aid means that for every pound you give, the BPS receives an extra 20 pence from the Inland Revenue, helping your subscription go further.

So if you want your subscription to go further, Gift Aid it. Just complete this form and send it back to us. It's as simple as that!



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