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Fern Books and Related Items in English Published Before 1900


BPS Special Publication No. 9,
by Nigel Hall and Martin Rickard (2006), p. iv, 98, 5 coloured plates,
ISBN 0-9509806-9-2.

This is the latest in the list of special publications of the British Pteridological Society. The previous publications were of topics more likely to appeal to fern enthusiasts than to a general audience, but this one is different.

Bibliographies are fascinating sources of information and invaluable to researchers of the topics they cover. As the authors explain in the introduction, this special publication has been a long time in preparation, but the extensive checking and re-checking has resulted in a book that is as complete as the authors could make it. Here can be found details of authors, titles with details of their publishers, editions and reprints, books of pressed fems, catalogues of ferns for sale and advertising ephemera. Some of these books are comparatively common, but others are incredibly rare.

This publication will be the starting place for any pteridologist. librarian or bibliophile interested in books on fems. It will enable them to assess their collections and look out for necessary additions. However, I have to add a warning here: beware collecting fern books can become addictive.

Barry A. Thomas
Past President BPS.

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Fern Books and Related Items in English Published Before 1900

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