Monitoring photographs of Woodsia ilvensis


The three wild sites of Woodsia ilvensis in Scotland have been visited by botanists over a long period. There are probably many people who have photographed them and it would be interesting to put the photographs together. We only have a series, as shown below, that spans ten years. Anyone with photographs of W. ilvensis is invited to send a copy to the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh to add to the existing archive (or we can copy and return). This series shows Woodsia ilvensis at one of the sites in Corrie Fee. It can be seen how the size of the clumps varies and individual crowns, especially the one of the right of the middle clump, have diminished. It can also be seen how difficult it is to count the number of 'plants' as a big clump fragments and might appear to be a larger number of separate individuals.


Site 1 1996
Site 1 2003
Site 1 2005
Site 1 2007


Heather McHaffie
Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh
20A Inverleith Row
Edinburgh EH3 5LR


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