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showing national and regional events

 The calendar is embedded in this page below (i.e. it works as though it were actually part of the page). It can also be accessed directly in its own window at: http://www.my.calendars.net/ebps. Please note that we are still looking at the best ways to present and use the diary so there may be changes to its appearance from time to time.



Using the BPS Diary
To scroll down the whole of the diary for the year, use the slide bar to its right hand side. To see a whole page version of the diary, go to the web site address shown - what you will see is identical to the diary opposite, but it may be easier to read.

At the top of the diary, there are three lines - Navigate, Display and Add Events. The default view shown (the best) is, under Display, "Year" and "Condensed". However, rather confusingly a greyed "Month" is shown - this is incorrect and should read "Year". To change the year, click the required year in the Navigate line.

To access other calendar views, use a combination of period (i.e. Year, Month, Week, Day) and format (i.e. Block, List or Condensed) on the Display line. The first attempt at changing views sometimes fails with a "web site not found" message. However, a second attempt is invariably successful.

Note however that this information is limited - fuller information on meetings and contact details for your local Regional Group Organiser is on the National Meetings Page and the Regional Groups Page.

Please for any suggestions about this diary system, or if you wish to have events included or amended in the diary.


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