Science Uncovered 2017

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Event type: Special event

Location: Galleries

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Free, no booking required

Dive into the ocean with our scientists and discover how marine researchers see the sea.

Spend an evening exploring biodiversity and marine science for a deeper look at how we study the ocean.

Part of European Researchers' Night, our annual festival of science is free and offers you the chance to chat to our scientists and uncover cutting-edge research.

See hundreds of behind-the-scenes specimens and take part in talks, tours and special events linked to marine science.

Everything is free to attend, but spaces will be limited for some activities. Tickets for special activities will be available on the night on a first-come, first-served basis.


  • handle specimens from our behind-the-scenes collections
  • take part in immersive, interactive activities to discover how the ocean supports all life on Earth
  • meet marine scientists and learn about their cutting-edge work on oceans and the impact of climate change
  • go on a tour of the tank room, which contains thousands of marine animals preserved in spirit - including Archie the giant squid
  • see inside the world-leading Conservation Centre, not normally open to the public
  • watch the best from Famelab, the world's biggest science communication competition, as speakers deliver three-minute talks that rely on knowledge, enthusiasm and charisma
  • hear a selection of short stories told by our scientists, including personal stories from the field
Event dates
29 September 2017 18.00-21.30


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 722950.


Some events are ticketed, including talks, tours, D.R.O.P in the Ocean and the Famelab performance.

Tickets are free and can be collected from the Creepy Crawlies gallery in the Green Zone between 17.00 and 20.30, with the exception of D.R.O.P in the Ocean, which must be booked online in advance.

Tickets will be allocated on a first come, first served basis and are limited to two per person. Tours are particularly popular and availability is limited. Expect to queue.

Please note that the Whales: Beneath the surface exhibition will not be open during Science Uncovered.


Nature Live

Join us for one of our special Nature Live sessions on coral reefs, sharks, whales and more.

Science stations

Chat to scientists, explore cutting-edge research and see hundreds of behind-the-scenes specimens. Throughout the Museum until 21.30.

Dive Back in Time

Red and Green Zones

From shrinking seafood to acidification, how does the ocean's ancient past offer clues to our future? What do beautiful microfossils, merely a millimetre in size, tell us about our oceans today? Find out what you have in common with a shark, play Extinction KerPlunk - and contribute to scientific research.

Citizens of the Sea

Blue Zone

Our lives depend on our oceans, from food to the air we breathe. But what kind of impact do we have on them? Find out about the ocean plastics problem and what scientists propose we do about it. Why are seaweeds and corals so vital to our coasts? Meet cetacean researchers and uncover the wonderful world of whales.

Frontier Ocean

Orange Zone

Life-saving drugs have come from studying venomous sea creatures, so what other genetic resources might we find? Join scientists to debate whether we should we mine the deep sea. Visit the ocean floor with deep-sea biologists as they share incredible footage of what they've discovered in the ocean's depths.


Red Zone Coffee House


Join our researchers at the EU Café for a shot of science with your cappuccino, and debate some of the most pressing issues for ocean science today.

Quick Dip Games

Various locations

Play nature games to explore ideas around evolution, biodiversity and sustainability. Discover your inner fish, seek out sunken treasures or angle for the finest catch of the day. Games can be played throughout the evening.

Storytelling Corner, Images of Nature

Drop in from 19.30 onwards

Sit back and relax in the storytelling corner and hear a selection of short stories from our scientists. Hear personal, first-hand accounts from the field, including a whale of a tale from our Curator of Mammals.

Hall of Famelab, Flett Theatre


Join past participants from Famelab, the world's biggest science communication competition, as they deliver three-minute talks relying solely on their knowledge, enthusiasm and charisma. Judges will grill them and host BBC Radio 4's Quentin Cooper will hold a live vote where you decide the winner.

D.R.O.P in the ocean, DC2 Cocoon

18.00 – 21.30

Disaster hits in our Deep-sea Research Observation Port (DROP), 2,000 metres below the surface, and there's crisis in the Carbon Dioxide Store. You'll need all your skills and wits about you  to complete multiple challenges, reach safety and avoid an ecological catastrophe. Can you handle the pressure? 

Free tickets available soon.


Stars in Jars

Join one of our science educators for a visit to the Tank Room, where you get a chance to see some of the collection preserved in alcohol, including Archie, the giant squid.

Tours are for adults only and will last 25 minutes.

Times: 18.00, 18.15, 18.30, 18.45, 19.00, 19.15, 19.30, 20.00, 20.15, 20.30, 20.45

The Conservation Unit

Our Museum conservators use advanced techniques to restore and protect specimens. Go behind the scenes on a tour of the Conservation Unit and see some remarkable objects, including a beautiful Blaschka glass model of a Portuguese man o' war, a scale model of Hope the blue whale and the skull of a Jurassic ichthyosaur.

Tours are for adults only and will last 45 minutes.

Times: 19.00 and 20.30 

Dive deeper

This event is part of an extended season exploring the power and mystery of the ocean. 

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