Mary Anning

Event information

Event type: gallery character

Location: Hintze Hall by the bottom of the stairs

Suitable for: Key Stage 2 (ages 7-11)

Capacity: 35 students

Duration: 40 minutes

Ticket prices:

£1 per student
Booking required

Meet Mary Anning, famous fossil hunter of the Victorian era. Mary will introduce your class to the process of fossilisation and lead an investigation of one of her most famous discoveries, the Ichthyosaurus. Students will learn about fossilisation and adaption.

Pre-visit information and curriculum links PDF (536KB)

Event dates
12 December 2018 10.30-11.10, 11.30-12.10, 12.30-13.10, 13.30-14.10
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How to book

To book this workshop available at our Museum in South Kensington, call our school bookings team on +44(0)20 7942 5555.

Please read the pre-booking checklist (pdf 69kB) before you phone.

Lines are open Monday-Friday from 8.30-16.00.

Please read our payment and cancellation conditions before booking.

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