Circadian Sam

Event information

Event type: gallery character

Location: Mammals (blue whale)

Suitable for: Key Stage 1

Capacity: 32 students

Duration: 30 minutes

Ticket prices:

£3 per student

Circadian Sam has a problem - she isn't sure if it's daytime or night-time. Her circadian rhythm, which tells her body when to sleep and when to wake up, is out of kilter. 

Luckily she knows lots about the features that help animals to tell when it's time to sleep and when it's time to be awake. Nocturnal animals sleep during daylight hours, but diurnal animals like humans sleep when it's dark. Can your pupils help her sort out which animals should be up and about and which should be in bed?

Learning themes: working scientifically, identifying and classifying, making observations, animals, habitats.

Pre-visit information and curriculum links PDF (32KB)

Session overview

Circadian Sam will tell pupils that she is confused about day and night and she'll ask them to help her discover more about different animals' sleeping habits, using props and puppets. 

She'll ask students questions such as: How do bats find their way in the dark? How can owls fly so silently? How do bees tell each other where to find the best nectar? 

Sam will help pupils figure out the answers, then students will compare their own sleeping patterns with those of the animals they've studied. 

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