Pop-up science stations: Lates

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Event type: Drop-in, evening event, meet the scientist

Location: Throughout the Museum

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Meet our scientists at a range of pop-up stations as you explore the Museum after dark at Lates.

Beautiful Butterflies

Location: Hintze Hall

Butterflies have been delighting us for centuries. But these beautiful creatures have a darker side. From the vampire moth to carnivorous caterpillars, join curator Alberto Zilli and discover the beautiful and beastly side of butterflies and moths.

Monsters from the Deep

Location: Dino Way

The deep sea is home to some bizarre and monstrous creatures. But why do they look the way they do? Meet curator James Maclaine and come face to face with species that survive in a world of extremes. Discover some of their amazing adaptations. You’d look weird too if you lived down there.

Positive Parasites

Location: Dino Way

We tend to think of parasites as harmful, nasty creatures. Yet they are one of the most diverse, strange and extraordinary groups of animals on earth.

Join researcher Andrew Baillie to explore some fascinating examples from our collection, and discover how studying tapeworms can help us learn about stem cell systems and regeneration.

Slugs, Snails and Slimy Tales

Location: Marine Fossil Way

Join curator of molluscs Jon Ablett, champion of the squid, slug and snail. Discover the important role these animals play in our ecosystems, their incredible diversity, and witness their strange beauty.

Event dates
29 June 2018 18.00-21.30

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