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Event type: Drop-in, evening event, meet the scientist

Location: Throughout the Museum

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Meet our scientists at a range of pop-up stations as you explore the Museum after dark at Lates.

Definitely Deadlier than the Male

Location: Dino Way

Explore differences between male and female spiders and their relatives with Museum scientist Jan Beccaloni, and discover what behavioural tactics males adopt to avoid becoming dinner.

Love Birds

Location: Fossil Marine Reptiles

Join Theresa Robert from the Zoological Society of London to demystify birds' lifelong loyalty to their partners, and discover more about the diverse courtship behaviour they display.

Plenty More Fish in the Sea

Location: Hintze Hall

As the biggest group of vertebrates, fish display a huge variety of unexpected female and mating behaviours. Meet Museum scientist and fish expert Victor Giovannetti and see some of the incredible specimens from our collections.

Queen Rat

Location: Fossil Marine Reptiles

Naked mole rats live in burrowing mazes underground, but did you know their societies are organised around a queen? Have a chat with scientist Chris Faulkes from Queen Mary's University to hear about these matriarchal societies.

Event dates
26 October 2018 18.00-21.30

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