Open Garden Squares: Pollinator Appreciation

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Event type: Meet the scientist, outdoor activity, drop-in

Location: Wildlife Garden,

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Explore the Museum's Wildlife Garden and join us in celebration of our pollinators as part of Open Garden Squares Weekend. 

Our gardens are not only sanctuaries for us from the hustle and bustle of the city, but they also an important refuge and habitat for pollinators. 

In appreciation of these valuable insects we will be running a series of tours, stations and actvities in the garden, and a special Nature Live on Sunday 10 June. 

Know your pollinators 

Discover the diversity of different pollinators, where to find them in the garden, and tips on identification. 

Encouraging pollinators 

Pollinators require food and shelter, both of which can be provided for by gardeners. Learn how you can encourage pollinators and take away your own pollinator-friendly plant. 

The value of pollinators

Without pollinators, we would not have many of our favourite food items. Discover how pollinators are key to biodiversity as well as much of the food we consume daily.  

All activities are free and drop-in.


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