Lates: Blue Planet II

Photography © BBC/Lisa Labinjoh/Joe Platko 2017

Relive the spectacle

Blue Planet II producers and researchers join Museum scientists to host a range of talks, activities and interactive experiences this month at Lates.

The BBC Natural History Unit and scientists from the Natural History Museum come together to celebrate our oceans.

The Blue Planet II series captivated audiences around the world as our oceans revealed countless previously untold stories. Museum scientists are studying marine specimens from across the world's oceans, from tiny fossils to vast whale skeletons.

There has never been a more crucial time for us to explore and understand marine life.

Relive memorable sequences from the series and come face-to-face with featured animals. Special specimens from the Museum's collections will be on display for one night only.

Hear stories from the producers and researchers who created the series. They will join Museum scientists to host a range of talks, activities and interactive experiences highlighting each episode.


Advance tickets for these free talks are now sold out, but a small number of tickets will be available on the night.

Blue Planet II: Behind the Scenes

Go behind-the-scenes with producers James Honeyborne and Mark Brownlow to learn about the making of BBC's Blue Planet II. 

Blue Planet Giants

Join Museum scientist Richard Sabin and BBC producer Jonathan Smith for a closer look at the animals featured in the series.

The Ocean's Problem Solvers

Hear from Museum scientist Jon Ablett and Blue Planet II series researcher Yoland Bosiger about some of the ocean’s masterful problem solvers.

  • 26 January 2018, 18.00-22.00

Blue Planet II book

With over 200 breath-taking images, each chapter of Blue Planet II brings to life a different habitat of the oceanic world.

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Pop-up science stations

Chat to series producers and Museum scientists about the science and technology behind the making of the series.

Visit the exhibitions

Buy your tickets to explore the Whales: Beneath the surface exhibition at Lates to see some of the ocean giants featured in Blue Planet II.

Go behind-the-scenes

Take a behind-the-scenes tour of the Museum's fascinating zoology spirit collection, where you'll meet Archie the giant squid.