On the Trail of the Hoverflies

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Event type: Talk

Location: Attenborough Studio

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Free, drop-in

Hoverflies are a large and diverse family of flies that are important pollinators across the British Isles.

Many pollinator species around the world are in decline or under threat. The loss of these species could have a devastating impact on plant diversity and food supply.

Meet a Museum scientist who is using DNA techniques to follow the hoverfly journey from one flower to the next. Discover how this knowledge could help protect pollinators and conserve one of the most important relationships in nature.

Find out how Museum scientists are studying the world around to better understand how it can be protected, and discover what you can do to explore and help your own local environment.

This Nature Live is part of Operation Earth at the Natural History Museum, a series of shows and activities aimed at engaging families with environmental science and environmental scientists. You can see the Operation Earth show in the Attenborough Studio.

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