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Our regular e-newsletter for teachers contains the latest news about Museum events, activities and resources that can support your teaching of science and geography.

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Teacher e-news, April 2013

Make the most of summer with a visit to the Museum's wildlife garden and the Sensational Butterflies exhibition.

Teacher e-news, February 2013

Find out about our new exhibition, Extinction: Not the End of the world?

Teacher e-news, January 2013

Follow our scientists' research through videoconferences and Meet the Scientists events at the Museum.

Teacher e-news, November 2012

At the Natural History Museum Ice Rink children can get active and learn a new skill with ice skating sessions specially tailored for schools.

Teacher e-news, September 2012

Access more than 650 million years of Earth’s history on your iPad in the Natural History Museum Evolution app.

Teacher e-news, September 2012

Find out about the Nature Live in the Field programme and our A Day in the Life of a Scientist pre and post-visit activities.

Teacher e-news, April 2012

Why and how are there so many colours in the natural world? The Colour of Nature is a new practical workshop developed to tie in with Key Stage 3 biology and physics.

Teacher e-news, January 2012

In Hands-On DNA: Bacterial Evolution, students step into the role of a clinical bacteriologist.

Teacher e-news, October 2011

Excite and enthuse your students with the diversity, complexity and beauty of life on Earth at the Variety Show.