Investigate is a bookable state-of-the-art, hands-on science centre available to school groups at Key Stages 2 and 3.

Pre-visit information and curriculum links PDF (210.1 KB)

Students become scientists and explore the processes of science. Museum staff encourage them to ask their own questions about hundreds of real specimens. With everything from dinosaur fossils to butterflies and rare minerals , students can explore some of the diversity of the natural world with scientific equipment and computer resources.

Investigate is in the basement of the Life Galleries and can be reached via the stairs and lifts in Gallery 31.

We also offer a full listing of curriculum links associated with Investigate for schools.

  • Examining a skull
    Visiting Investigate

    How to find the hands-on science centre and when to visit.

  • investigate techers info
    Information for teachers

    Answers to frequently asked questions to help you plan a successful visit.

  • Specimen tray
    Specimen wall

    Real specimens to investigate, with puzzling questions to answer.

  • The Sticky Wall
    Sticky wall

    Students can use the sticky wall to peice nature together and build up a picture of how things work.

  • Live displays in investigate
    Live displays

    Changing displays of live plants and animals to examine.

  • An investigate workstation in use

    Computer-based activities and tools, using real specimens from the specimen wall.

  • Photograph of Children and a member of staff looking for creatures in the Courtyard Garden.
    Courtyard garden

    Explore sights and smells in the outdoor exploration area attached to Investigate.