Human Evolution workshop

This school workshop is free and has curriculum links appropriate for KS4 students.

Pre-visit information and curriculum links PDF (91.9 KB)

This hands-on workshop explores the evolutionary relationships between present day Homo sapiens and ancient humans, applying analytical techniques used by Museum scientists.

Students will observe and measure museum-quality replicas of fossil skulls.  Their challenge will be to work together and use their evidence to work out how different species of humans are related.

Human evolution is a rapidly changing and controversial field of research and students will also consider the limitations and reliability of data collected from rare and fragile fossils.

Duration: 75 minutes

Capacity: 30 students

Dates: Go to the events calendar to find forthcoming dates

Booking: call the Museum booking team on +44 (0)20 7942 5555.

Real World Science

This workshop is produced by the Real World Science Programme, a collaboration between the Natural History Museum and seven regional partners:

  • Oxford Museum of Natural History
  • Manchester Museum
  • Great North Museum: Hancock
  • Stoke-on-Trent Museums
  • Leeds Museums and Galleries
  • Wollaton Hall (Nottingham Museums)
  • Peterborough Museum (Vivacity Museums and Heritage)