Explorers: Ourselves and Other Animals

This activity is free and has curriculum links appropriate for Reception and KS1 students.

Pre-visit information and curriculum links PDF (176.3 KB)

Encourage pupils to engage with specimens through role-play, donning hats and binoculars and taking up a self-guided Explorer challenge through the Museum.

Activities are designed to encourage scientific enquiry and observation while appealing to the imagination and sense of adventure.

Divide your class into groups, each with an adult leader who can explain activities and encourage observation and discussion.  Teachers and accompanying adults will be given activity instruction booklets to help them support the learning experience.


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You can download and print the educator' guide, activity sheets and explorers' passport below. This is for reference purposes only as booked schools groups will receive copies of these when they visit.

Educator's guide, including curriculum links PDF (818.4 KB)

Activity sheets (instructions for adults) - printer-friendly black and white version PDF (782.9 KB)

Explorers' passport (for children to fill out during their visit) - printer-friendly black and white version PDF (781.9 KB)

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Cartoon image of a hatchet fish on a museum pass

Until 1938 whale carcasses were buried in the Museum grounds so that their flesh would decay leaving only the skeletons.