Circadian Sam

This bookable activity is free and has curriculum links appropriate for KS1 pupils.

Pre-visit information and curriculum links PDF (97.7 KB)

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Circadian Sam has a problem – she isn’t sure if it’s daytime or nighttime. Luckily she knows lots about the animal features that help them to live in their particular environment. Can you help her sort out which animals should be asleep and which should be awake?

Overview of the session:

  • Circadian Sam introduces herself – she is confused about day and night and asks the children to help her.
  • Circadian Sam uses props and puppets to discover more about different animals. How does the bat find its way in the dark? Why can an owl fly so silently? How do bees tell each other where to find the best nectar? She asks the children lots of questions, and they compare the animals with themselves.
  • This session concludes with a summary of their understanding – what common features do nocturnal animals have compared with daytime (diurnal) animals?