School activities in the Darwin Centre

We are proud to announce the launch of a programme of events for students in the new Darwin Centre, the Museum’s state-of-the-art scientific research and collections facility.

  • Tree of Life image from the Interactive film
    Interactive Film

    Find out who you really are and where you come from in our innovative, interactive film about evolution, narrated by Sir David Attenborough.

  • Artist's impression of visitors inside the cocoon
    Cocoon experience

    Immerse yourself in the Cocoon experience, a brand new journey through the Darwin Centre. This interactive and visually stunning experience will inspire your students to look at the variety of life in a different way.

  • Animal Vision show
    Animal Vision

    Find out about the amazing adaptations that allow animals to see in this live animal show.

  • variety show
    The Variety Show

    Excite and enthuse your students with the diversity, complexity and beauty of life on Earth in this fun, interactive science show. 

  • Visitors engaging with interactive exhibits on the self-led Cocoon tour.
    Science Day at the Darwin Centre

    Make the most of your visit to the Museum with this exciting 3-hour timetable combining the Cocoon experience, the Variety Show and gallery time.

School bookings

Book all school activities in advance on +44 (0)20 7942 5555. Lines are open Monday-Friday from 8.30-16.00 during term time and 10.00-13.00 in the holidays.

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