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At the Natural History Museum students have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of free learning activities tightly linked to the National Curriculum for science.  We are committed to enriching and enhancing the science curriculum for secondary students and to bringing science to life in a real-world context.

Key Stage 3

Make the Earth move as you explore the unimaginable world of heat and pressure beneath your feet in the Earth Science Show: Rocks the House.  Marvel at the diversity, complexity and beauty of life on Earth in the interactive Variety Show or participate in a structured day of activities in our Science Day for KS3. Explore colour in the natural world with specimens and spectrometers in The Colour of Nature workshop.

Key Stage 4

Recreate the debate around the publication of Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species using the galleries as a stage and our specimens on display as evidence to support your character’s argument in The Great Debate Workshop.


Biology and Chemistry AS and A-level study days allow post-16 students meet Museum scientists to discuss their research. The study days combine tours and question and answer sessions in addition to participation in hands on workshops with real specimens.

To make a booking, please contact our Bookings team on 020 7942 5555.To find out more about planning your visit to the Museum, follow the link below to the Education section of our website:

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