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The Manchester Museum is part of the University of Manchester and provides students with the opportunity to engage with practical science in a University setting. Through a wide variety of hands on, interactive workshops, students get unique access to Museum collections.  They use practical investigative skills to enhance and enrich the science curriculum and provide relevant and interesting real life examples and context.

Key Stage 3

At KS3 pupils can become forensic scientists in our Forensic Science: A Bog Body Mystery workshop. Explore the beauty and wonder of life on earth in our Diversity of Life workshop and investigate what threatens it. Investigate colour in the natural world with specimens and spectrometers in The Colour of Nature workshop.

Key Stage 4

In our Examining Environments workshop, pupils investigate their own independent research project using the museum collections.  In the Nature’s Palette session pupils will learn about the physics behind colour, explore its role in the lives of animals and humans and carry out an experiment investigating different photosynthetic pigments.


Our A-level study days are part of our popular Engage with the Experts series, developed in close collaboration with university researchers and scientists.

Our programme directly links to the science curriculum whilst enabling your students to explore the relevance and real-life context of the subject. If you would like more information or would like to book a workshop, please contact Alexa Jeanes on 0161 306 1764 or email Alternatively, follow the link below to the Manchester Museum website to find out more.

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