Wallace Collection learning activities

Evaluating the reliability of sources

Newspaper reports are not always accurate. Use a press cutting about Wallace to spot the journalist’s mistakes.

Read a press cutting from the Collection by following the link, then answer the questions below.

Skills practice: research and analysis, evaluating sources

WP1/5/21(1): Report on Darwinism lectures

This press cutting (undated, but probably from March 1887) reports on lectures at University College, Toronto. It describes Wallace’s popularity and gives an outline of his work.

The press cutting is a useful reminder that newspaper reports are sometimes inaccurate. There are four key mistakes in the report. Can you find them?

  1. What was Wallace’s nationality?
  2. Where did Wallace write his manuscript notes on natural selection?
  3. What year did Wallace send his manuscript notes on natural selection to Darwin?
  4. What did Wallace ask Darwin to do with the manuscript notes?