Wallace Collection learning activities

Activities for post-16 students studying history, science in society and related subjects.

In these activities students will investigate the social context in which Alfred Russel Wallace lived and worked. They will also practise the skills needed to research primary and secondary historical sources.

Alfred Russel Wallace was a naturalist, social commentator, spiritualist and family man. The Wallace Collection is a document archive offering students a rare insight into his life.

Many documents in the Collection refer to Wallace's emerging ideas on natural selection, highlighting his role in the development of the theory of evolution through natural selection.

Students will:

  • select and interpret primary sources
  • evaluate the usefulness of the sources
  • construct logical arguments and support their conclusions with evidence.
  • Wallace collection
    Student activities

    Practise research skills with six activities using Wallace's letters and other material from the Collection.

  • Wallace biography
    Teachers' guide

    Teachers' guide to the Wallace collection activities