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Browse a selection of Museum online learning resources.

  • Wallace Collection
    Wallace Collection learning activities

    Activities for post-16 students studying history, science in society and related subjects.

  • Scientists have started moving in to the new high-tech labs
    A Day in the Life of a Scientist

    Get the most out of your visit to the Darwin Centre Cocoon with these curriculum-linked activities.

  • Pupils in a park surveying trees
    Urban tree survey

    School pupils can take part in the urban tree survey with these curriculum-linked learning resources aimed at Key Stage 2 (ages 7–11)

  • Cubs Naturalist badge
    Cub Scout Naturalist Activity Badge

    The National Trust, the Natural History Museum and The Wildlife Trusts are supporting the Cub Naturalist Activity Badge and providing exciting new resources to encourage Cubs to get outdoors and take the pulse of nature.

  • Slavery teaching resources
    Science and Slavery teaching resources

    Teaching resources to support a KS3 lesson on diet and nutrition, through the subject of the slave trade,

  • Tyrannosaurus dinosaur
    Dino Directory

    Which dinosaurs lived in Britain and the rest of the world? Check out our guide to over 300 dinosaurs.

  • Bust of Charles Darwin at the Museum.

    Read about the theory of evolution: what it is, the evidence for it and how it developed.

  • Mission Explore logo
    Mission explore game

    Go on a virtual collecting expedition to the island of Regaloam. Identify, photograph and store your specimens at the Museum.

  • Iguana icon

    Explore the online collections of 9 British museums and learn to use the web critically with these curriculum-linked activities.

  • OPAL learning resources
    OPAL learning resources

    Explore, study, and enjoy your local environment with OPAL, the Open Air Laboratories project. Their resources include ID guides, survey sheets and videos to support nature surveys and bioblitzes.

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