KS4: Careers in science

4. After your visit: review what you learnt

Reflect on what you learnt during your Cocoon visit and prepare for the interview.

What surprised you about your visit to the Darwin Centre? 

Task: discuss with the person next to you, then your class.

Did you find out enough for your interview task? Use the links below to help.

Data analysis

In the interview you will need to either ask or answer questions about a set of scientific results.

You can get a set of results using the Worldmap software, which you can download from the link below.

Go to Worldmap

For instructions, go to our page about how to use Worldmap. This page also includes examples of questions you can ask.

Go to 'How to use worldmap'


Spend some time choosing an example and questions that you will ask the interviewee.


Practise interpreting data - if you see a pattern, what might have caused it?

Next step: Your mock interview

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